18 Sep 1999

After a Hurricane.....

On the Lookout:
Report broken sewer or water lines to the appropriate utility department.
Check for leaking gas lines by smell only, if a line is leaking, open all windows and doors, turn off main meter and leave house, notify gas company or police; stay out of the house.
Watch out for snakes, insects or other animals who may have been driven to higher ground.
Stay tuned to radio and TV for advice and instructions.
Make certain food and water supplies have not been spoiled because of lack of electricity or flood waters.
Be careful when entering damaged buildings.
Use caution when letting your pet outdoors.
Be careful to prevent fires because fighting them could be made difficult by low water pressure.

What to Avoid:
Do not sightsee in disaster areas because it could interfere with rescue or recovery operations.
Do not touch loose, dangling or damaged wires, if possible, report them to the power company or police.

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