20 June 2003

In 'n' Around
Big Pine Key Area

  • National Key Deer Refuge - sub-species of the Virginia White-Tail deer, these small and graceful creatures roam free throughout other Lower Keys as well. The refuge encompasses approximately 2,300 acres on Big Pine Key as a haven for the deer.
  • Borrow Pit - within the Key Deer Refuge, from the railroad days called Blue Hole. Alligator Observation & Walking Trail.
  • Perky's Bat Tower - in Watson's Hammock is located on Lower Sugarloaf Key at Mile market 17. Previous owner Perky, built the bat tower to house bats - mosquito eaters. Unfortunately, Mr. Perky's thousands of dollars flew off as quickly as the bats did when he placed them in the tower.
  • The Reef - 5 miles off shore in the Atlantic

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